Artist’s Bio

Angela Maroun has been a textile and mixed media artist since 2006.  She has studied with Katie Pasquini Masopust, Carol Soderlund, Elin Noble and Dorothy Caldwell. Maroun is a graduate of Jane Dunnewold’s 2010 Art Cloth Mastery Program.

Artist’s Statement

I love to hold a needle, thread and fabric in my hands.  It is the tactile nature of surface design and textiles that speaks to me.  In my previous work as a physical therapist I used my hands as an extension of myself to help heal others.  Using my hands to create something meaningful or beautiful gives me great satisfaction. 

Much of the inspiration for my work comes from the years I spent living in Hawaii during college.  I have created works depicting the colors, landscapes, flora and cultural aspects of the Islands.  My current work is an exploration of ways to create texture and dimension on cloth and paper. Creating layers on cloth with dye and  paint, needle felting and dimensional embroidery are the tools I use to achieve the desired result.