The lines, shapes, colors and textures found in nature are what have inspired this new series of work.  As I spend time walking I take in the light, the variety of foliage, and the feelings that the surroundings evoke.  My favorite places are the rainforests and volcanic fields of Hawaii and the woods and parks in central New York.  I use my own photographs and memories in developing the art. 

I am drawn to the variety of lines in the roots of trees and hanging vines and the ways these structures intersect.  Layers of vegetation are revealed.   The sunlight filters through these layers adding luminosity.  Textures are found in tree bark, decay of the organic matter, the cracks of dried mud and the crevices of rocks.  Translating  this visual information into textiles is both exciting and challenging.

For this series I have used primarily wool and silk.  Felting and stitching in various ways allow me to create layers of imagery and texture.  I am always looking for new ways to introduce texture in my work.  Paper lamination is something new I am exploring to add another dimension to the felted pieces.